London Locks has been at the forefront of carbon foot print reduction in our industry. And takes it position on recycling very seriously. We now recycle 95% of all our waste and by products. Heres how –


Paper and Card

We were one of the very first firms to move completely to electronic invoicing, cutting out the needless reams or paper for invoices, receipts and notes. All incoming mail and waste paper is either used as note paper and/or then shredded and sent for recycling.


We don’t like to change a lock just for the sake of it or to make more money. We will only change a lock when it is totally necessary. We would always try to mend the lock and replace parts than remove and replace a entire lock. Any metals we can’t fix or reuse always end up at the metal yard to be melted down and reused. We even save the swarf from the cut keys to recycle.


Lots of our materials come delivered in plastics of one form or another. We pick out all the recyclable plastics and give these away with the paper waste to a reputable recycling company.


We used to run a team of medium sized van around London, But from 2008 we dropped our fleet of vans for a fleet of scooters and motorbikes. We have 4 bikes and 1 van which used exclusively for large jobs and door work. We also use push bikes in the summer weather allowing to get around local jobs quickly and cheaply. If you can think of any other ways we can lower our carbon footprint please do let us know.

Locksmith Green Policy