Keyless Locks for Office Buildings

Keyless Locks for Office Buildings

Key-less locks for office buildings and commercial environments are a good idea if reducing costs and improving operations, and employee productivity are important to you. At London Locks we bring business owners, facility managers, building supervisors, and office manager cutting-edge key-less entry locks that virtually pay for themselves the first time you don’t have to call out the locksmith to re-key or replace your door locks.

A Range of Keyless Fobs

We have a range of electronic fobs to choose from. Our key fobs and cards are suitable for both domestic and commercial properties. We can provide advice and guidance on the best type of electronic security fob to choose and will ensure you choose the best type for your property. Some of the most popular options we offer are:

  • Security Fobs
  • House Fobs
  • Security Cards

These are just a few of the most popular electronic fobs and cards we offer. For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are always on hand to answer questions and deal with enquiries.

Security Fobs

A security fob is a wireless remote control that is almost the same as the one you would use for a car. Security fobs allow you to gain access to a building through the security system. Security fobs are popular as they are difficult for just anyone to copy.

Security Cards

Similar to fobs, security cards operate in very much the same way. From main entrances to internal doors, security cards can be used to grant or restrict access to certain parts of a building. Whilst doors are the most popular way to use security cards, they can also be used for a number of other things such as logging onto a computer or opening attendance records.

House Fobs

Not only are businesses investing in security fobs, house fobs are becoming extremely popular for homeowners too. Whether you need a new or replacement house fob, we can provide advice and guidance on the best type to choose. Our range of house fobs are designed to improve accessibility and security for your home.

How Do Key-less Entry Systems Work?

All in all, you can choose from three types of key less entry systems for business. Those include key locks featuring a combined keypad, locks with key fob control, and smart locks that take advantage of wireless protocols such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or Z-Wave for access control and remote lock management.

Locks with a keypad does not have remote management capabilities while a fob access system is operational only from a close distance. For their part, smart locks use a keyed lock, a key card access control system, or a combination of access controls to lock and unlock your property. Their distinguishing feature is remote control capabilities where the lock pairs with a key fob or your smartphone.

Advantages for Key-less Entry

There are five main advantages to using key fobs or another key-less entry device: increased security, access records, selective entry, the ability to program a custom special features and overall convenience.

Increased Security

Traditional keys become problematic for business owners and homeowners whenever they go missing. The biggest advantage of key fobs, and key-less entry systems in general, is that a fob can be immediately blocked if it has been lost or stolen. When an employee is let go, a tenant moves out, or a service is discontinued, simply program the system to deny entry for the fob with that particular ID number.

For an even higher degree of security, some companies regularly change access codes for the main entry point or certain restricted areas. A key-less entry system can also be integrated with a CCTV or commercial security system.

For most businesses and public buildings, the extra security of the facility, sensitive information, valuable products and equipment is more than enough to outweigh the cost of up-front investment.

Access Records

Key-less access systems automatically make a full record of who enters the building and the time of entry. This valuable information is helpful in tracking visitor data, employee attendance, the movement of staff members and the presence of people in case of an emergency.

Selective Entry

When multiple copies of keys are required to grant access to a number of people, key fobs are advantageous. They offer extreme customisation and secure access management. By programming the system, you can easily allow access to particular people or restrict entry during certain time periods.

Selective entry is recommended for research labs, industrial sites, product development facilities, rooms with computer servers and anywhere where access should be restricted to authorised staff. With residential use, homeowners can grant access to cleaning crew, for example, during just a few hours of the day.

Special Features

Key fobs are also popular because they are many custom options meaning they can be designed to blend seamlessly with your office doors, giving no disruption to your office design. They can also control a lot more than entry into a building. For example, a fob can be used at the company vending machine or copy machine, gym lockers, hotel supply closets, pharmaceutical stock and medical equipment rooms.

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