5 Reasons to Upgrade Your Locks

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5 Reasons to Upgrade Your Locks

Benefits of New Locks 

Locks are a basic security feature that many people take for granted. The installation of new locks is an important step in preventing home break-ins and theft, as well as deterring burglars from targeting your house based on outdated locks. In this blog post, we will explore the top 5 reasons why you should upgrade to new locks today!

#1 Lost Keys 

Your keys are a precious commodity that you need to keep on the down-low. They may not seem like much, but they can be used by someone who has intentions of doing harm when inside your home. The good news is that most people will find their lost keys after some time searching for them – it’s just another one of life’s little inconveniences and frustrations we all have to deal with eventually!

The best way to avoid this headache or worst-case scenario is to replace any locks as soon as possible in order to protect yourself from other individuals finding out where you live if they know how important these items are. Find out more about our lock changes in London.

#2 Avoid Unwanted Guests – Previous Owners 

What if a former resident of your home returns and has the keys? Does this happen often enough to be concerned about it, or is it just paranoia on our part?

Even though there are not many cases where someone would break in with their own key after moving out of an old house, we think that you should still change your locks. It’s worth investing a little time into now so you don’t regret it later should something happen!

#3 Secure Against Potential Burglars 

Burglaries or attempted break-ins are always a major warning sign when it comes to changing your front door locks, so many people may avoid getting in touch with a locksmith and don’t even think about the future. Even if you do have thoughts of burglary, it will be important that you’re safe after all. If someone does try to enter by breaking down your door they’ll likely have their sights on this home specifically. You want them gone before they make another attempt at entering!

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#4 Replace Old Keys 

Have you ever tried to open a lock with an old key, when locks are old they can become faulty or stick? The result could be being left outside and needing emergency assistance as the lock jams and gets stuck. Instead of getting by only for this problem to get worse, it may be time that you think about changing your locks.

#5 Update your Keys & Locks 

The locks on your doors may be years old, but they can still serve their purpose. But just because the lock is working doesn’t mean it’s not time to upgrade! There have been new advancements and technological adaptations in recent years that include smart locks and key fobs for locking systems. These upgrades are more robust, provide tighter security than older models, as well as digital features like Bluetooth-enabled keys so you can control who has access without worrying about managing a physical set of keys or even leaving them at home when you’re out running errands.

Thinking of Upgrading your Locks? Contact London Locks 

The locksmiths at London Locks are here to help you with all your lock and security needs. Whether it’s an emergency or a long-term project, they’ll be there for you every step of the way. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions about upgrading your home’s locks! If you are planning to move home check out our new blog, “The Moving Home Checklist“.

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