The Moving Home Checklist

Moving Home

The Moving Home Checklist

6 Key Things You Should Know When Moving Home in Hackney 

When it comes to moving house, there are numerous different things you should consider to ensure the house move goes safely and securely overall. With this in mind, our expert locksmith team in Hackney is on hand today to give you a little more inspiration to keep your house move safe and secure, and we’ve come up with six key things you should check when making a move. 

Are you considering moving house, but you’re not quite sure about the key things you should check after moving into your property? If so, don’t worry; we’ve come up with a checklist of six key things you should do to ensure the house move goes smoothly overall.

Replacement Locks#1 Ensure You’ve Packed Everything

Before heading out of your old home for the last time, we highly recommend you check you have packed everything you might need. A second and third check of each room, cupboard, drawer, and the like might seem overly pedantic, but it helps ensure that you can move confidently. After all, unless you’re on excellent terms with the house buyer already, you’ll likely not be able to return to the property to pick up anything you’ve forgotten behind!

#2 Make Arrangements for Your Pets

If you have a pet, it’s worth making arrangements for them before the house moves. While we all like the idea of moving with our pets being there to greet us, in reality, having a pet around can complicate matters. It’s often easier to get the essentials unpacked before the pets arrive to begin bounding around the new property than after. 

This could be a much more practical solution to consider, whether it’s a few days at a boarding kennel or if you have family who could look after them temporarily.

#3 Make Sure You’ve Cancelled Any Existing Services

You don’t want to be paying the new homeowner’s bills! As such, before making a move and leaving the property for the last time, we recommend that you give your service providers a call to ensure the accounts are cancelled, and you won’t be paying for energy use that’s not your own.

Lock Smiths#4 Ensure Your New Utilities are Working 

Regardless of when you move, there are few things worse than being caught out without utilities after a house move. As such, we highly recommend that one of the first things you should do is to check your new utility providers are ready and in place. 

The switch between providers of utilities should be seamless, so you shouldn’t experience any delays (with the exception of installing a new WiFi box, where necessary). As such, if you notice any delays, there is even more cause to contact your new utility providers quickly to see what’s causing the issues.

#5 Consider the Role of CCTV in the Property 

Have you ever thought about investing in CCTV for your home? Whether or not you had CCTV in your previous property, this could offer a valuable solution after a house move. Now is likely the best time possible to get CCTV installed before things are unpacked and in the way.

CCTV systems are a hugely effective way to keep your home safe and secure, and they are surprisingly affordable these days too. Technologies such as doorbell cameras, too, can help prevent any unwanted guests from visiting your home – so you can sleep peacefully over those first few nights in the new home while you settle into your new neighbourhood.

#6 Change the Main Access Locks to Your Home

As a final point, we recommend that you change the main access locks to your property within the first day after making a move. Indeed, while this likely isn’t a necessity, there’s no guarantee that there aren’t additional copies of the key. 

As such, changing the locks could be a valuable method to ensure your new home remains secure, safe, and protected in the long run. Plus, when you partner with an experienced and professional team such as our own, you can be confident of high-quality and affordable support. With options from Lock Fitting and Key Cutting to Keying Alike and Key Holding, we can cover all of your locksmithing needs.

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Find Out More About Keeping Your Home Safe and Secure Today

As one of Hackney’s leading professional locksmith teams, we’re proud to offer some of the region’s most effective and reliable locksmithing services. If you would like more advice on how to keep your home secure we recommend this article by the Metropolitan Police. So, if you have recently moved and need someone from the local area to help ensure your home remains safe and secure, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team today; Our team at London Locks are experts in everything from Key Hobs to Lock Repairs, contact us today.

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