What To Do If Your Key Is Snapped In The Lock

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What To Do If Your Key Is Snapped In The Lock

If your key has snapped in the lock, the first thing is to leave it how it is. Don’t try and interfere with the lock or the key to try and get it out, as this could make the situation worse. Instead, read through our advice on what to do if your key is snapped in the lock. We’re here to help with all your needs regarding being locked out in Central London and provide advice to everyone across the UK.

Once you have read our tips on what to do, it may be possible to remove the remaining part of the key yourself, if not it’s always best to call a reliable locksmith like our team at London Locks to take care of the lock removal and repair.

What To Do If Your Key Is Snapped In The Lock

3. Reasons Why Your Key Might Get Stuck

Should you be lucky enough to be reading this before your key is jammed, then hello! We’re here to provide you with some useful advice on how to prevent your keys from getting stuck. And if you’re here because your key is already stuck in the lock, we’re here to tell you three of the main reasons why this may have happened.

That being said, three simple reasons why your key might be stuck in your lock are:

1. The lock is in a bad condition / not lubricated

Your key has most likely been to various locations with you and stored in numerous places. From bags to pockets, sideboards to the bottom of your backpack, dirt and grime can be easily accumulated which can cause the key to become stuck in the lock if it has not been lubricated. If your key has rough edges it can latch to the lock and get hooked in the lock pins which will also result in the key getting stuck and snapping.

2. The lock was already broken

If the lock you’re trying to unlock is already broken, and you try to shove a key inside, the key could easily snap when you attempt to turn it. It’s as simple as that, and then this will leave you with a snapped key in the lock that will mean you need a faulty lock replacement.

3. You’ve used the wrong key for the lock

This may sound really obvious and easy to avoid, but in a rush or panic, it is more common than you think for people to try and use the wrong key for the given lock. If the key has been pushed into the wrong lock, it’s likely to get jammed and then snap inside.

Snapped Lock

Further Steps If Your Key Has Got Stuck

There are a few ways you might be able to remove the broken key from your lock. This should only be carried out if you’re 100% confident in doing so, if not calling a locksmith may be advised as it will ensure further damage is avoided to the lock. Some of the ways in which you could try and safely remove the key include:

1. Use a key extractor

A locksmith may try a key extractor to remove the key out of the lock. This is great to have and is specifically designed to remove broken keys. If you own one of these yourself, it may be worth trying this out prior to calling a locksmith company. But it is best to leave it to the experts to avoid any further damage or accidents happening to the lock.

2. Pliers

If the key is not fully in the lock, then you or a locksmith may be able to remove it using pliers. Tweezers may also work depending on the size and position of the key and lock. If none of the key is sticking out, then it would be advisable to avoid this as it can cause more damage to the lock.

3. Paperclip

One of the oldest tricks is trying a paperclip with the grooved edges. This only works depending on what part of the key is snapped and how it’s positioned. If possible, slide the paperclip along the edge of the key then twist it to try and get a grip of the key. You should then pull the paperclip out very slowly, and hopefully the key should come out with it.

Leave It To The Experts – Call London Locks

If you’ve found yourself locked out with a snapped key in your lock, we’re here to help. Our door unlock service is designed to professionally remove snapped keys from locks whilst ensuring no damage is caused to the lock or key itself.

So, for all your needs regarding locksmiths, faulty lock replacements, locked out services, door unlock services and house lock replacements, we’re the experts you can count on. Be sure to give us a call today for further advice and we will be there to help with your door unlocking needs.

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