Debunking Locksmith Myths

Debunking Locksmith Myths

The Most Common Myths Laid To Rest

When it comes to locksmiths, you will have definitely heard some misinformation over the years, so we are here to debunk the myths surrounding locksmiths and the services that we provide. Let’s take a look into the myths that you may have heard and explain why they are inaccurate.

We Don’t Need A Locksmith, I Can Do That Myself

A lot of people who have just bought a home change their locks to give them added peace of mind, and this is something that we definitely recommend doing. However, so many people think that they can do it themselves when it is simply not the case. Of course, a lot of people can change a lock themselves, but there is so much more to it than that. For example, it is crucial that any new locks on a property are the right ones and are fitted to the proper standard that is needed in order for them to be the most effective. It can cost thousands of pounds in the long run, if this is not done properly at the time of the fitting. If your lock is not fitted correctly and is not up to an approved standard and your home is broken into, there is a large chance that your insurance will not payout. If this happens, you could be left high and dry without the insurance pay-out to cover the costs of the stolen goods. If you have your locks fitted by a local locksmith, such as ourselves, you can rest easy with the knowledge that your home is safe, secure and the locks work as well as possible.

Picking A Lock Is So Easy

Practice makes perfect, as is the same with almost everything in life. Lockpicking takes a lot of patience and time if you want to learn how to pick different types of locks. Lock manufacturers are always trying to make the life of locksmiths harder by making locks progressively more and more complicated. So, imagine how hard it is for a complete novice to try and pick a lock? Of course, lock complexity is done to allow you to feel safe in your place of residence, but it does mean that locksmiths need to stay ahead of the game.

We do not advise trying to pick the lock in your home by yourself and recommend that you do call an emergency locksmith if you find yourself locked outside. When it comes to regaining access to your home in a way that does not cause damage to the lock or the entire door itself, a local locksmith company is your best port of call. By calling a locksmith who is local to your area, you will receive a personalised, friendly service as word-of-mouth business is vital to local locksmiths. If damage to your door and lock can be avoided, you will actually save money as you won’t have to also pay for the repairs.

We understand that most locks can be drilled through, but you will also need to pay money for the drilled lock to be fixed. So, calling a locksmith to pick your lock can be the best choice.

They Charge Way Too Much

At the end of the day, we believe that you receive the service that you pay for. However, the myth that locksmiths overcharge for the services they provide is simply untrue. If you call a locksmith who operates within your area, the price will be extremely fair as opposed to calling a national locksmith company that invests a lot of money into paid advertising and other forms of costly marketing. If you do this, the costs of their marketing need to be transferred to the price of their locksmith services. This means that you could find yourself paying a lot more for a service you could have got cheaper elsewhere.

Need A Locksmith? Call Us!

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